Highly Targeted Marketing

As a merchant, it can be difficult to find the right potential customers to market to. By analyzing transaction history and purchasing patterns, Rewardio can effectively target the right audience, which results in a much higher conversion rate on your marketing spend. One of our best offerings to merchants is that you do not pay a dime until a potential customer has actually made a purchase at your store, letting you feel comfortable that your valuable marketing budget is going to good work.


Real-Time Analytics

Don't just take our word for the value that we can provide to your business. Our real-time analytics dashboard allows merchants to see their spend on advertising with Rewardio and stack it up against the revenue generated. Customers are also monitored over time, so you can view the entire lifetime value of a customer driven to your store by Rewardio. Our mission is not to simply create a one-time purchase. We want to see customers create a lasting relationship with your business.


Market Awareness

There's always the question revolving around if enough of the right people are finding out about your business. Am I reaching the audience in my area and are people aware of the services I provide or the products I offer? Rewardio not only helps to target these individuals, but also uses geolocation technology to find people close to you. Hopefully people who will be lifetime customers.